AAMRA Akhra, a Folk cultural Programme against Communalism, 26 February, 2022

AAMRA has a dream, a dream of a peaceful world. On our journey with conflict and coexistence we discover that there are a lot of ingredients in our society, ‘to combat communalism, hatred, conflict’. In India we have a tradition of folk-culture and folk-religion. For common people and the subjugated, folk culture is like social grammar that allows them to speak the unspeakable at the open space. It is their polite revelation for resistance. This was one of our steps towards our dream.


Folk cultural Programme against Communalism

26 February, 2022

AAMRA had organised a folk cultural programme focussing Humanity at an Akhara of village Chua Pathanpara under Police Station Hariharpara and Dist-Murshidabad. Bauls and Fakirs performed by singing unique collections of Lalon, Hachon, Shah Abdul Karim and others. As a part of cultural activism, it was part of our plan to organise a series of cultural programs against communalism in different locations and Akharas.

Since time immemorial men's quest for peace provided the necessary succour to the wounded souls who had been ravaged by communal strife. In order to dispel the cloud of distrust, cloak of suspicion Baul, Murshidi and Murfati songs remained powerful weapons. The Bauls or the followers of the mystic path also became the targets of merchants of hatred. But these sects of Folk singers tread victoriously.

On 26 February we visited Hariharpara, Murshidabad. Zoom meetings and Facebook Live were held simultaneously. Amanat Fakir, Janip Fakir and Govind Baul were the key singers. Through their songs they upheld the message of universal harmony, camaraderie and eternal love. When the society is riven by enmity and bigotry these types of programmes are the gentle breezes to the scorched earth of communal divide. We firmly believe that these types of programmes should be organized more and more to disseminate the message of peace. These types of peace building initiatives illustrate that life is more precious than anything else. Though we are separated by boundaries of castes, creeds the same blood flows through our veins. Shedding of blood and communal violence is so futile that it leads to nothing.

So we have to come out from our secluded cocoons and join the timeless march of the fellow travelers who hold aloft the flag of peace. We must extend our hands of cooperation to these types of initiatives which champion the triumph of humanities over the division along religious lines.


·       A large section of urban people had demanded a series of programmes by viewing this programme through social media. They shared our message, ‘our culture is a weapon to combat hatred in the society’.  

·        Folk singers shared with us their collections of folk songs, which are designed to promote eternal coexistence and love.     



·      We had a plan to organize such a programme, but due to lockdown we had to postpone our scheduled programmes in 2020 onwards. This event is a pioneer of our proposed series.   

·       Our Peace Centres had already started its cultural activities. We have a plan to participate in the folk-programmes of Ursh, Dargah and also Akhara. This programme is largely applauded by the common people in said village.   





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