Promoting Co-existence

আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 22 February, 2024 | 187

‘Know your India: Know Diversity’: An initiative of Bengal Peace Centre, Bhatpara; 18 December, 2022

Religious coexistence is the basic of our philosophy. In Bengal almost all religious and historical sites carry diversified anecdotes of multiculturalism. As a part of our continued program, ‘Know your India, Know Diversity’ we arrange an event to visit three historical and religio-cultural sites of Hooghly, West Bengal, India. Kids from different faiths, affected by communal violence took part. They enjoyed a lot and got the lesson of diversity.

Co-existence Diversity Know your India Bengal Peace Centre Aamra Ek Sachetan Prayas

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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 23 February, 2024 | 236

'Children of Heaven': Educational tour for the kids of UDAAN, Telenipara; 11 June, 2023

Almost all of them had been forcibly displaced from their homes, their utensils, ornaments, furniture were looted and their houses were burnt. They were too little to understand the causes of violence, how all of a sudden their closed neighbors became their enemy. UDAAN an educational and cultural activism by Aamra Ek Sachetan Prayas and its friends became a platform 'to stay together', 'to dream together'. This tour was a part of our continued effort to promote diversity. They enjoyed a lot and took notes of the history. It seemed that they were being transported into that period of history which was a distant past.

Diversity Co-existence

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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 28 February, 2024 | 286

‘We are same boat-brother’, Picnic of Bengal Peace Centre, Bhatpara, 26 December, 2021

Our aim is not to only talk about peace but to involve people particularly women from both the communities. At Bhatpara, the focus of the initiative is to develop self-help groups with women of both communities. This will not only help in their economic empowerment but also strengthen the bond between the two communities. This picnic is a test for us, how we can practice co-existence and prepare ourselves for never-ending peace.

Bengal Peace Centre Co-operative Movement Peace Picnic with riot affected people

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