Combating Conflict

আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 14 February, 2024 | 383

Inauguration of Ram Temple in Ayodhya was against Constitution of India and against ‘Idea of India’

A letter to the Prime Minster of India: Inauguration of Ram Temple and Pran Pratistha (consecration) in Ayodhya on 22 January, 2024 violates the preamble and objectives of the Constitution of India, hurts the 'Idea of India'.

prime minister communalism idea of india constitution

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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 27 February, 2024 | 167

AAMRA Akhra, a Folk cultural Programme against Communalism, 26 February, 2022

AAMRA has a dream, a dream of a peaceful world. On our journey with conflict and coexistence we discover that there are a lot of ingredients in our society, ‘to combat communalism, hatred, conflict’. In India we have a tradition of folk-culture and folk-religion. For common people and the subjugated, folk culture is like social grammar that allows them to speak the unspeakable at the open space. It is their polite revelation for resistance. This was one of our steps towards our dream.

Conflict and Peace AAMRA Akhra Cultural Activism

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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 28 February, 2024 | 286

‘We are same boat-brother’, Picnic of Bengal Peace Centre, Bhatpara, 26 December, 2021

Our aim is not to only talk about peace but to involve people particularly women from both the communities. At Bhatpara, the focus of the initiative is to develop self-help groups with women of both communities. This will not only help in their economic empowerment but also strengthen the bond between the two communities. This picnic is a test for us, how we can practice co-existence and prepare ourselves for never-ending peace.

Bengal Peace Centre Co-operative Movement Peace Picnic with riot affected people

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