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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 16 March, 2024 | 275

Rally to celebrate World Environment Day, Kolkata, 5 June, 2022

‘Environment Rights Movement’, a platform of different environment and rights movement of West Bengal, India organised a rally in Kolkata. A large number of students and youths came together to raise demands on West Bengal based issues of environmental rights

Environmental Rights AAMRA Environmental Conflict

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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 17 March, 2024 | 329

Rally in solidarity with Shahabag Movement, from Bangaon to Petrapole International Border, West Bengal, 3 March, 2013

AAMRA organised a rally with the support of different groups of Little Magazines and Group Theatres to support Shahabag Movement in Bangladesh, date was 3 March, 2013. Route of the rally was from Bangaon station to Petrapole border. A large numbers of demonstrators rallied in support of the movement with colourful banners and rhythmic slogans.

Shahabag Movement AAMRA EK SACHETAN PRAYAS Little Magazine Group Theatre

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