Research & Field Study

Aims we have:

AAMRA is an amalgamation of people across spectrum, tied with a simple thread of insatiable desire to know what actually happens when people are let known of an incident of any kind. AAMRA works on issues that affect people in their everyday life. AAMRA wants to experience them, document them and bring about a change through extensive field study. Our primary focus is to study social conflict and coexistence and try to formulate action roadmap for enhancement of co-existence.

In sum we are interested in:

Methodology we use:

We use standard social scientific methods for documentation and analysis of conflict and coexistence. We go to the conflict zone as soon as possible, usually after the access is available. We talk to different stakeholders, record their versions, collect and record the evidences of conflicts, follow standard social science methodologies including Participatory Rural Appraisal and Rapid Rural Appraisal, prepare reports and make them available in printed form and a shorter web version. Our visit to different stake holders is often repeated at regular intervals to bring about greater clarity of understanding and formulations. We often take up our findings and attempt newspaper and journal publications as well. In a way this phase of our activity should be treated as our baseline attempt to clear up misconceptions regarding religious and community differences and treat them as cultural differences. This is also our stepping stone to achieve the second level of activism of restoring peace and enhancement of co-existence. We strongly believe that there should be a bridge between academic endeavour ending at publication and activists endeavour to bring about changes.

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