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আমরা: এক সচেতন প্রয়াস | 31 January, 2024 | 345

Discussion on plausible Agendas for the Lok Sabha Elections (2024) With Dr. Harsh Mandar, 23 January, 2024

Repealing all the Citizenship Amendment Acts and resuming with the citizenship norms established in the Citizenship Act (1955). Employment from NREGA should be increased to at least 200 days per year with a minimum wage of Rs.800 per day for all eligible workers. Withdrawal of cases filed against all individuals of Bhima Koregaon. All policies that lead to the corporatisation of education should be stopped, with extensive implementation of the RTE Act (2009). Climate Change should assume a central axis in all future policy making. There should be a stringent legislation to stop the state from sponsoring any and all forms of religious practices (financial or otherwise). Gender issues should be fundamentally integrated into all election manifestos as well as all policy documents.

CAA NRC State and religion

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